Entrepreneurial mindset


Cave mentality means thinking as if you were stuck or hemmed in at one spot by a particular situation, you don’t see any hope and then you begin to make the wrong moves. I coined this word from Genesis 19:31-32 where the daughters of Lot after their escape from Sodom to a cave thought “There isn’t a man anywhere in this entire area that our father would let us marry. And our father will soon be too old for having children. Come, let’s fill him with wine and then we will sleep with him, so that our clan will not come to an end.” That is cave mentality: ” There is nobody to help me with my business”, “I don’t have capital”, ” I don’t have resources”, “There are no investors for my business”, ” There are no jobs”, “There are no opportunities”. Do these sound familiar???

Dissolve that cave mentality. The whole universe is your playing field plus all the planets, the sun, the moon and all. If you feel stuck on Earth, go to Mars. But before you go there, let’s talk about the vast wealth of resources on Earth. The number one resource you have is YOU. With the power of your mind, you can achieve anything, go anywhere and get anything. Whatever you believe and accept is what becomes true for you. Do you need someone to hire you or you need to hire someone? The unemployment problem is because many people think someone who has the responsibility to hire them has not yet done that. Therefore they are stuck. Do you know that starting a business now is even easier than 10 years ago and will continue to be?

Dissolve that cave mentality. Rather than thinking of being hired, think ” I have the responsibility of hiring someone”. Oh but Ann: “Can everyone start a business?”, ” Are there enough resources for everyone who wants to start a business? “, “Won’t there be overpopulation in a particular industry if everyone decides to go there?”, ” Who will hire who if everyone is a business owner? ” Sometimes OVERthinking can be a problem.

To address the first question (Can everyone start a business?), yes everyone can be a business owner though some people will never be. Why? Jesus once said “The poor you will always have with you…”. In extension, I say ” The unemployed you will always have with you “. Its a sad situation though. But for you reading this article today, the truth is that you can start your own business and succeed at it. If you already have a business, you don’t need to be stuck at one place. There are two ways to be rich. One is by working for God and the other is working for yourself.

To address the second question (Are there enough resources for everyone, yes there is a vast wealth of resource in the earth for every single one of us no matter the increasing birth rate. Don’t accept the thought that the world is overpopulated that there is resource shortage, food shortage, etc.How can there be food shortage when foodstuffs are getting rotten on the farms because of lack of preservation and lack of transportation? This is a multi trillion dollar industry. How can there be lack of resources when the sun and moon will be there as long as there is Earth. This is a multi trillion dollar industry. For now, I want you to know that there is more than enough resources for everyone and for your business. Think that way, be excited about it and find out more about it.

Dissolve that cave mentality. About the third question (Won’t there be overpopulation in a particular industry if everyone decides to go there?), overpopulation in a particular field is not your problem at all. There is no one exactly like you in the whole world and no one will ever be like you. No two people are the same not even identical twins. The way you look, the way you talk, everything is unique. Even if everyone goes into a particular industry, you bring on board something different from what everyone is doing. This is because you are different from everyone else. You have unique talents, abilities, qualities and you express them uniquely. There are millions of blog posts daily on having the right mentality but I express mine uniquely. I know someone needs to hear what I have to say how I have to say it differently from the millions. That is why I write. The world is waiting for you.

Dissolve that cave mentality. And to the fourth question (Who will hire who if everyone starts their own business?) The answer is “We will all be employers and ” employees” at the same time. Think of outsourcing as employing another business to perform part of your tasks. Everyone already has something to offer and no one is unemployed. You can start your business now.

By Ann Maclean

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Entrepreneurial mindset


Oh, so what should I do? My answer is to start a business. It might not be necessarily in line with the course you read in school. For example, a young unemployed graduate who likes sports decided to be writing sport articles, reviews and some behind-the-scene news to some media organizations in Accra after years of unemployment. He would send these articles to the media organizations consistently. He didn’t go there with his CV because he didn’t want to be refused. At first, the media organizations thought he was just a job seeker and told him there were no vacancies. He kept on capturing news that the media organizations’ cameras might not reach. He did this consistently until the media organizations decided to pay him commission on a weekly basis because every organization wanted to be the first to break the news. Some of the media organisations would invite him as guests on sports talk shows from time to time. This was how he took care of himself and he family. He is now self-employed doing this.

Today most of the media organizations want to employ him full time but he has refused. This is because the commission he getting from all the organisations for his “underground reporting” is much more than what any of the individual organization is willing to pay a month. He also doesn’t want to be tied down to one organization. Another reason is because he will not be allowed to report for other media organizations if one media organization employed him full time per the agreement. Want to know who this person is??

The growing numbers of graduates means the country has more educated people. That is good news. The problem is most have not been educated on starting their own businesses. An average Ghanaian graduate is thinking “How do I perfect my CV?”, ” How do I answer the interview questions? “, His do I dress for the interview?”, etc. Some will be employed but what will happen to the rest.

For instance between 2011 and 2015 , the National Service Secretariat registered a total of 289,539 graduates for the national service. Out of this total number, 5,000 were employed in the formal Sector, according to the data from the National Labour Organisation. What is the solution to the unemployment problem of the rest of graduates? I think it is starting their own businesses.

Let me share a personal experience. There was a time when a big bank in Ghana called for applications for a job. The announcement was that the applicants should come to a particular venue for the aptitude test. The time for the event was 8am. I got there on time only to see hundreds if not thousands if young people, well dressed, carrying their CVs already at the venue. The venue was too packed that the rest of us had to stand outside on the street whiles other young people were still joining the crowd even on the street. I also saw some of my old school mates. It was around the time of the Ebola outbreak. The bank officials upon seeing the crowd announced that we should go back and upload our CVs on their website. I just knew it was a nice way of saying no. I didn’t even bother to upload my CV.

When I see another unemployed association, I just say to myself that these graduates should rather come together to form a powerful business organization to prove themselves worthy of all the investment the nation has made in their lives all these years. This is the time to say “Thank you” to the nation and give back to society for all they have learnt and become. The same energy, passion they used to mobilize themselves for this association should be channeled to come together, plan and start a business and when they start, they will be better placed to get more funding for the business. There are a lot of local and foreign organizations who are willing to help startups. Even if the government employs all the graduates, is it ready to handle their management and financing?

By Ann Maclean