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Mr. Edmund Dankwah is currently the Finance and administrative officer of International Society of African Professionals (ISOAP), a global community of Africans which seeks to protect the interest of Africans worldwide by making great contributions to Africa’s growth and development. He is a graduand and the immediate past SRC President (2015 -2017 academic year) of Marshalls University College. He is the Youth Member of Parliament for Kwadaso Constituency in Youth Leadership Parliament. He couples as the founder and director of EddyMax Consult, Private Universities Football Association and Ghana Union of Youth Sports.

Born on April 20 th , 1994 in Kumasi, the Ashanti Region of Ghana, he began his primary education in Bestway International School and proceeded to Station Basic School where he had his junior high school education and graduated with outstanding performance which paved way for his admission into Opoku Ware Senior High School where he studied business as a major. After his senior high education, he declined the admission offer to study Bachelor of Arts in Information Science and Technology at the University of Ghana, and was offered a full scholarship to pursue BSc. Accounting in Marshalls University College advised and aided by his dear Uncle, Mr. Daniel Adjei, who with his wife has been more than a blessing to him, he confesses.

In motivation, he is a spoken word artiste, a motivational speaker and an inspiration to many especially to the youth. He is the brain behind EddyQuotes and has over 500 thought provoking and inspirational quotes to his credit, with great write ups as well. His excellence in research and philosophical analyses contributes to his ability to inspire and provoke thoughts.

In self-push and self-inspiration, he is inspired by diverse research, self-inspired studies and personal challenges he puts to himself, reading at least 30pages a day just to open up to diverse knowledge creative way of thinking. He is the student who sometimes faces calculator-required test or exams without a calculator with the aim of training his brain and thought abilities to work well under pressure. He asserts that reading diversely and challenging himself as such contributes much to his creative problem-solving abilities and the Grace of God is the sole reason.

Coupled with his extraordinary and enviable retentive memory, he is able to capture everything he reads or encounters and lives it by applying it in his daily life which has resulted in one remarkable thing he did. He devoted four days of sleepless night to study computer languages (Hypertext Markup Language-HTML, Cascading Style Sheets-CSS and JavaScript) which aided him to perfectly design his own website through coding and now offers his service to individuals and business organisations as a website developer as well as a web content manager.

In public speaking, he has spoken at many conferences on diverse topics with the recent one being the 2017 Youth Empowerment Summit, organised by Dreamz Foundation. He has earned international spotlights on public speaking and has invited as a guest speaker of the ‘2017 Bold for Reformation Motivational Conference’ which will be held at Top Galaxy Hotel in Kaduna, Nigeria in December 2017.

In leadership and service, he has been a leader in most of his adult life and sacrifices his time and resource to put smiles on people’s face. He is a mentor and an inspiration to many. He is the immediate past SRC President of Marshalls University College and was awarded as the Hardworking SRC executive of the year for his selfless service and dedication to service in the 2017 Excellence Awards at Marshalls University College. He is poised with human capacity building and uses every opportunity available to invest in the lives of people. It is an indisputable fact that he is an inspiration to the young and old as well. One of his most delightful moments is seeing other people do what he does and even better which reveals the epitome of a true leader.

Interestingly, his profile will be incomplete without mentioning his extraordinarily diverse sporting abilities with his excellent table tennis, basketball and soccer skills just to mention but a few. In soccer, he was the captain of the Marshalls University Football Team who led the football team into winning the 2017 Independence Cup, organised by the Ghana Union of Professional Students at El-Wak Sports stadium where he was awarded the best player of the tournament. He has played in international tournaments and was part of the team that represented Ghana in the 2014 Unity World Cup held in India. At a tender age of 12, he was selected after a successful sport justify held in Kumasi to play in the youth side of prominent team in Qatar but chose education over football, a decision which was solely influenced by his parents and some family relatives. He was a awarded the sports personality of the 2017 Excellence Awards at Marshalls University College.

His idea generation, development and problem-solving abilities is way beyond our generation. He reaches for opportunities in challenges and while others are busy discussing the problem, he is finding solutions. Nonetheless, he is a humble and approachable person. If you have not seen him smile, then probably you have not met him personally and if he has not been of help to you, then you have not encountered him before.

One thing he does not know is “impossible” because he shares in the belief that ‘impossible’ has a syllabi disunity of “I’m possible.” Tell him something is impossible and he will prove you wrong by weaving realities of possibilities into what may seem impossible. He gives hope to the hopeless, help to the helpless and a lending hands to the needy. His all round ability earned him the Overall Best Student of the 2017 Excellence Awards at Marshalls University College.He always says, ‘I am a living testimony of the diverse grace of God, so never make the mistake of thanking me for what I do for you but rather thank God for using me as a delivery vessel.’ He asserts that no one would know him if not the diverse Grace of God upon his life and that the least he can do at any point in time, is to use the diverse Grace to draw people to God and to be a blessing to humanity.

Edmund’s favourite quote ‘Life is the options you command by faith and the choices you make by wisdom spiced with evaluated experiences’ proves beyond reasonable doubt that this young man has planted a seed in a good soil that everyone should watch out for.

Marshalls University Personality


“It wasn’t easy. We didn’t have it on a silver platter.” These were the words of Mrs. Alice Oppong, CEO of AO Make -up, Ghana. She is a professional makeup artist. She was raised by a single mother together with 6 siblings. She is a twin as well. Her mum had to take care of her up to Junior High School (JHS) level and the rest she had to struggle on her own. After JHS, there was no money so she had to wait for one year before getting admission to Senior High School (SHS). She had to work and save for her SHS.

Her mother supported her as well to help her pursue her diploma course. She decided to pursue her degree course in Accounting at Marshalls University College,Ghana because it was close to her work place. Marshalls University College has also helped boost her knowledge and confidence. She got married in level 200 and currently has two beautiful children. Her husband has also been very supportive. “It is not easy but it depends on how you schedule your time. If others have been able to do it, then why can’t I”, she added.
Mrs Alice Oppong’s story will forever inspire me. She has certification in professional makeup and has a certification in Pharmacy. In the future, she plans to set up a makeup school to train others in professional makeup. She also plans to set up a pharmaceutical company as well. She really has the entrepreneurial spirit.

Contact her on +233504470599, +233241460547



Marshalls University Personality


Prince Boateng(affectionately called Mr. KPB) is an EVANGELIST, Inspirational speaker, and an aspiring Diplomat.
He currently worships with the International Central Gospel Church- New Creation Temple (ICGC), where he leads his youth ministry together with other team players. He is an excited student of Marshalls University College, Gloryland, Accra and the host of “Inspirational Time with Mr. KPB” on, the Marshalls University College online radio.

His years abroad has seen him discover his divine purpose and grow with the passion of helping others discover their divine purposes in the supreme ethic of love, and inspiring youngsters to reaching their God given potentials.

Years of teaching experience, basic sandwich knowledge in child psychology, plus his unending love for Jesus gives him in depth understanding of the modern teenager and youth. He provides counsels for young individuals on love, marriage and relationship.
His role model is Dr. Mensah Anomoah Otabil, the general overseer of the International Central Gospel Church.
At his leisure time, he loves to write and read anything that inspires and challenges him into greatness.


*moment of inspiration*
“God believes in success and pacesetting. You a potential hero. You need to discover that 🙏🏾. You have a talent that can bless people’s lives. The world awaits your success. Go and possess it.”


” Sometimes we have to leave the witches and wizards alone. The real enemies of *Progress are laziness, too much sleep and not minding our own businesses.* Only you can make yourself better.”

” Those who seize Golden Opportunities score remarkable goals.”

“He who seizes the right moment is the right man. *Show me a man who has seized the right moment and I will show you a man who has made the best out of it.”

“When you do good to a woman without an ulterior motive, you have invested in future blessings. Every woman carries blessings of the womb. *It pays to give freely.* *women are special*”

Marshalls University Personality


Evangeline Ayim, 2nd runner-up of Miss International Ghana 2017 is a third year Hospitality and Tourism Management student at the Marshalls University College. The event took place on the 19th August, 2017 at the National Theatre, Accra, Ghana.  She has participated in various beauty pageants and her burning passion to reach the highest is not about to quench. She is a typical example of not giving up on dreams and always perfecting skills.

In the world of modeling she looks up to models like Naomi Campell, Tyra Banks and Kate Moss. She is not only beautiful, she comes with brains.

She participated in Miss international Ghana because it’s mainly to help street children and orphans. For her, it was a platform to have an impact on the lives of the street children.